Zorats Karer (Armenian: Զորաց Քարեր, locally Դիք-դիք քարեր Dik-dik karer), also called Karahunj, Qarahunj or Carahunge and Carenish (Armenian: Քարահունջ և Քարենիշ) is a prehistoric archaeological site near the town of Sisian in the Syunik Province of Armenia. It is also often referred to in international tourist lore as the Armenian Stonehenge. The Carahunge site is on latitude of 39 34' and longitude of 46 01' on the mountain plateau having altitude 1770m and occupies a territory of about 7 hectare on the left side of the Dar river canyon, the tributary of the river Vorotan (at 2km). It is located on a rocky promontory near Sisian. Armenian historian Stepanos Orbelian in his book "History of Syunic" (I-XII centuries) mentioned that in Tsluk (Yevalakh) region of Armenia, near town Syunic or Sisian was a village Carunge, which means in Armenian Stone Treasure or Foundational Stones.


  • Syunik, Armenia
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